“Four heads, Four passions, one dream”

Four heads, from where all the ideas come from.
Four passions, always connected between them.
One dream, making every experience unique.

In a modern and cozy ambience, you'll have the chance to taste our cuisine; dishes that are never made by chance, but are always created after sperimentation and research. Everything starts from choosing the finest ingredients, following the natural rythm, imposed by the seasons, and working side by side with the best artisanal producer, farmers and fishermans, that, like us, strongly believe in what they do.
Wines are very important too, so, that's why our sommelier has picked some of the best small winemakers, from all over the country and even abroad. Rediscover the pleasure of the table, and let us guide you in a trip into our world; a trip made of tastes, fragrances, emotions, and people; people that truly love the art of hospitality, in any nuances of it.

This is the summary of our thought, this is our philosophy, this is Materia.


ristorante materia chef davide caranchini


Born in 1990, he is the chef of the restaurant. His passion for cuisine starts from the childhood, when he decided to join the culinary school of Como. Once he achieved the diploma, he started his carreer through some of the best restaurants in Europe, as Le Gavroche and the Apsleys in London and Noma in Copenhagen. Just in this restaurant, he discovered and developed a passion for herbs and vegetables, looking at them not just as a side or a garnish, but as a main part of a dish. His cuisine his deeply-rooted in Como's traditions and produces, but improved with plenty of research and sperimentation. In his dishes, almost everything is possible, but nothing is approx.

ristorante materia ambra sberna


Born in 1990. Front of house manager. After having spent most of her childhood in the family restaurant, and according with her passion for service she decided to start a career as a waitress. After having met Davide, as a colleague, something that was just a professional partnership, turned into something bigger. From here she started to share experiences and travels with him, putting in her CV few transitions in very important fine dining restaurants, between Como, London and Florence. Her professionalism and kindness are the first things our guest can notice.

ristorante materia marco sberna


Born in 1987. After having studied to become a chef, he decided to move on the other side of the pass. The experiences he had in his family restaurant, took him through a decision: he wanted to be a waiter. From there, he started several experiences in different restaurant, improving all his skills and knowledges. But, there is a passion borned before the one for the service: the gardening. In facts, he is the responsible of our garden and greenhouse, spending his days between the country side and the dining room.

ristorante materia luca sberna


Born in 1989. His history starts in a different way. Talented in learning, he started a cours of studies in Economy, until he graduates. But he discovered a bigger and stronger passion: wines. From this point he started reading the most influential books in enology and tasting as much wines as possible. Then, he took the decision to join a professional course for sommellier, just to expand his skills in wine tasting and pairings and increasing his knowledge.